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Celery Nitrates

Celery extracts come in a liquid or a powder form and are commonly used in deli meats that claim to be all natural. Celery nitrates are preferred over chemical nitrates because they are believed to be more natural. Many deli meat companies advertise their products to be nitrate free, even though they use celery extracts to help preserve the meat. You would be surprised by the number of nitrates that are in deli meats that claim to have zero nitrates. It is hard to find healthy deli meat on the market shelves that don’t contain high levels of nitrates and preservatives. However, Mclean Meats is one of the few brands that consumers can put their trust in. This one of a kind company is known for providing Canada’s healthiest line of deli meat products. You won’t find a ton of preservatives or celery nitrates in products from Mclean Meats.

Healthy Deli Meats for a Strong Diet

For decades, deli meats have been frowned upon as a source of nutrients because most of the top brands rank high in sodium, preservatives, and nitrates. Mclean Meats changed the world of deli meats forever by creating clean deli meats that are made with nitrate free ham and organic bacon. Plus, there are absolutely no preservatives in Mclean Meats’ deli meats. When it comes to quality, this company does not waver their integrity or commitment to superior products. Parents can finally feed their kids a meal consisting of deli meats without feeling guilty about the nutritional value of the meal. Deli meats from Mclean Meats can provide you with a fulfilling meal that is not high in sodium or other harmful ingredients. Mclean Meats is one of the few brands whose products do not contain sodium nitrates or nitrites.

Support Sustainable Farming Measures

Mclean Meats is a company that believes in investing in the future, which is we support sustainable farming that is humane and natural. We believe that the difference in the meat starts directly at the farms, which is why we strive to create new sustainable farming solutions every single day. We are one of the few meat companies that do not use typical techniques of commodity shopping on the open market. Instead, we know each of the farms we buy our meat from by name. We create a personal relationship with the farms to help them invest in sustainable farming solutions that will provide better results for future generations of farmers and meat suppliers.

Reach Out for More Detailed Information Today

There has never been a better time to reach out to our team at Mclean Meats to learn more detailed information about our deli meats and other products. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you might have about our products, sustainable farms, or ingredients. Serving your individual needs is our mission and number one goal as a deli meat provider. Our top of the line products is made to meet the highest of standards. We stand behind the quality of our products.

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Celery Nitrates
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