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At Pallioti’s Italian Restaurants, we aim to serve Italian or Italian inspired dishes with the freshest ingredients. We are one of the few Chilliwack restaurants that have several vegetarian and vegan options. You can check out our lunch and dinner menus on our website, so you know what to order before you visit us!

Classic Italian inspired dishes we serve for lunch

In our menus, you will find plenty of Italian dishes to choose from. For lunch, you will find classic Italian antipasto dishes like bruschetta crostini and breaded mozzarella. We also offer calamari and zucchini ribbons with Bononcini balls.

For the main dishes, we have a diverse range of pasta dishes to choose from. We serve tortellini, ravioli, and penne dishes. We strive to be increasingly flexible with our offerings so that you will find chicken, seafood, and vegetarian dishes on the same menu.

All our salads are vegetarian, with Rocket, Italian, Tossed, and Caesar salads all on the menu. We also serve minestrone and a range of pizzettas to choose from, ranging from Margherita to Chicken Pesto.

Classic Italian dishes we serve for dinner

Our dinner menu is equally colourful, with plenty of choices and diverse range. Whether you are a vegetarian, meat eater, or pescatarian, you will find a dish that fits right in with your dietary style. For dinner, we also have the antipasto dishes like bruschetta crostini, breaded mozzarella, zucchini ribbons, and Bononcini balls. We also offer things like calamari, escargot, and gamberetti dishes as appetizers.

For our main course dishes, we have a whole array of pasta dishes to choose from. You will find tortellini, ravioli, lasagna, gnocchi, carbonara, and alfredo dishes to choose from. If you are looking for Chilliwack restaurants that serve Italian food, visit us and check out our menu for more details.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?

We have plenty of dishes to choose from if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. For starters, you can opt for the bruschetta crostini, zucchini ribbons with Bononcini balls and breaded mozzarella, which are all vegetarian antipasto options. All our side salads are also vegetarian, along with our classic minestrone.

For vegetarian main courses, you will find the delicious tortellini, portobello ravioli, and Fettucine al primavera. They're all available on the dinner menu.

The price range of our dishes

All our appetizer dishes range in price from $8 to $13. The cheapest ones are the escargot and breaded mozzarella. Our salads range from $10 to $13. For our main lunch courses, the prices average at around $13.

All our main pasta dishes are $13 with our pizzettas ranging form $13-17. For our main dinner courses, the prices range from $18 to $25, with the cheapest being the chicken alfredo and the most expensive being seafood fettuccini.

Are you looking for a good Chilliwack restaurants that give you a broad range of dishes to choose from? Head over to Pallioti’s Italian Restaurants, and you will find options, whether you’re an avid carnivore, vegetarian or seafood lover. We have 3 restaurant locations across Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Maple Ridge.


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