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Christmas Tree Lot Equipment

A Christmas tree is a festive beauty that can last a long time when you have the proper servicing. Taking care of a tree ensures that you keep the tree for longer and have the lush greenness and volume. You must also decorate the tree accordingly and have preventive measures to guard against possible hazards such as fires. Here are a few options to protect your tree and make the most of it using Christmas tree lot equipment.

Protection against fire hazards

Fire blazes on Christmas trees are rare, according to a national census by the National Fire Protection Association. Between the years 2003 and 2006, one study indicated that fires, which began on tress, amounted to about 240 in a count. They were the cause of 16 deaths and 25 documented injuries. The monetary damage on the property was approximately $13 million for all the fire hazards.

Your home does not have to be a statistic of these unfortunate hazards. Peak Seasons has all the Christmas tree lot equipment to protect your home against unforeseen dangers. Purchase a robust fire retardant to protect your tree against the spread of flames.

Various experiments show that natural trees do not benefit a lot from the use of fire retardants. The leaves dry up faster when you use the protector. Artificial trees have the opposite reaction and gain the full benefit of the product.

Peak season advises you to use a high-quality fire protection spray to protect your artificial tree. Science states that inserting a natural tree in water will boost the leaves’ water content, eventually making the tree resistant to flames.

Customizing the tree

The cutting of leaves and branches should be with professional shears. Our ring knives will keep your tree in the perfect desired shape. The sharpness and lightness of the blade make customization a straightforward procedure.

Decoration of the tree

The right lighting will resonate with the desired atmosphere. The demeanor of the lights could be cool, warm, or a mixture. The different styles of bulbs will also define the theme of the tree. Bright lights are contemporary, while yellow-like lighting will have a softening effect.

A small tree will have lesser bulbs, which will also be of smaller sizes. More significant trees can accommodate more prominent and brighter lights that will not block the tree’s greenness. A real tree will have a better outlook with more lighting than its artificial counterpart will. You can use longer ropes of length to intertwine the deeper levels of branches and give the illusion of a more in-depth and thicker tree.

Peak Season has ready lot lights that have the following properties such as the following:

  • They are at least 100ft in length
  • They can fit into ten sockets
  • These lot lights have a non-corrosive and weather-resistant quality; hence they will be great to use in outdoor trees
  • The lot lights can handle the efficient operation of up to 200 bulbs
  • The hook secures the lot on the tree with ease
  • Our lot lights have engineering that meets the OSHA requirement
  • The packaging does not tangle the lot




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