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Italian Caterer Oakville Ontario

Do you like your caterer? The best National Geographic rated chef may give you the best food servings but lack in certain aspects. You will have an underlying feeling of incompatibility if you do not share a mutual connection of professionalism or friendliness. It is important to vet your Italian caterer in Oakville Ontario for both the work accolades and compatibility potential. The following questions will help you choose the proper one for the event.

Whom will I meet?

Are you meeting with the company’s founder or the sales representative? Can you arrange a meeting with the person who will work on your event? Knowing the person who will cater to the details of the event will give you a picture of what to expect for the event’s process.

Parlato’s Catering has warm reviews of clients enjoying the working relationship with Sonia. We place high regard in transparent customer dealings. Our staff reflects the chef’s code of mien in both technical and social issues.

How will they run the event?

While it is not your job to dictate the caterer’s working ethic and creative muse, it is crucial to understand how they fit into your event. You can ask the following questions regarding the mode of operation:

  • How many staffers will work at the event?
  • Whom can I talk to in case of anything?
  • Will you serve the food in a buffet style or table setting?
  • Who will be in charge of cake cutting or champagne opening?

Where do you get your food supplies?

One can tell a lot about the quality of the food from the ingredients used. An Italian caterer in Oakville Ontario will have the best knowledge of local products that will make the dishes fresh to taste. Our menus are adaptable to the host’s preference and reflective of bountiful food supplies in Canada. Knowledge about the food sources will ensure that the service aligns with any possible morals regarding food, as well as help in the prevention of allergies for some known attendees.

What is the broken-down estimate of the service?

Apart from the dishes and service quality, the monetary value of the event will give you a real image of the event. The per-head rate is not an accurate account of the catering service. The following is a list of services that will incur additional costs:

  • Staff services, such as cooking, bartending, cake cutting, and drink service, among others.
  • Price of drinks
  • Taxation fees
  • Cost of resources such as linens, mixers, garbage cans, serving ware, and dish rentals.

Are you familiar with the venue?

An Italian caterer in Oakville Ontario may have had previous work in the same venue as your event. This setup gives them an upper hand in knowing how to work with issues in the kitchen and dining rooms. You may want to ask for a tour in their cooking facilities if the meals will have preparations off-site. The conditions of the locations should fit your standards in regards to cleanliness.

Italian Caterer Oakville Ontario
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