Kermit’s Hot and Spicy Key Lime Barbecue Sauce 16oz

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Hot & Spicy Key Lime Barbeque Sauce is the most flavorful incarnation of our sauces, with enough heat to satisfy the most flammable palate. A bold finishing sauce with a key lime kick.    Also available packaged with a wood-handled barbecue brush for the perfect BBQ hostess gift! 16 oz.


Kermit's Hot & Spicy Key Lime BBQ Sauce

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Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in


2 Replies to “Kermit’s Hot and Spicy Key Lime Barbecue Sauce 16oz”

  1. While I wouldn’t consider this sauce to be “Hot and Spicey” it is absolutely delicious. I brought a bottle of this back from Key West on Vacation this year and after trying it out wished I had bought more… Thank god they have a website to order it from! I had planned to call the store and ask how to order if I couldn’t find it online.

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