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Spokane Ice Cream

Umpqua Dairy produces the perfect Spokane ice cream for your family. If you’re tired of bringing home desserts made from second rate ingredients you can hardly pronounce, it’s time to switch up your game and select Umpqua’s Premium ice cream. Umpqua Dairy sources their milk and cream from local dairy farmers who refuse to subject their cows to growth hormones. That means their dairy products are healthier, tastier and a better option for making ice cream.

It’s no secret that better ingredients produce a better class of ice cream. If your local grocery store is not already carrying Umpqua Dairy’s Spokane ice cream, ask for it by name! Your grocer will most likely be happy to oblige your request to place an order from Umpqua Dairy to keep your favorite flavors available for you to purchase. They’ll probably find that other customers prefer the delicious taste and high quality of Umpqua products better than the brand names their currently stocking, making it a win-win situation.

Just look through the entire Umpqua Premium Spokane ice cream line on the website to discover what you’ve been missing. Umpqua Dairy carries most of the traditional favorites you grew up with and many new and interesting flavors you may not have even heard of before. Their Play Dough ice cream features banana, blueberry and cherry flavors blended in a brightly colored yellow, blue and red ice cream that is certain to be a big hit at your next birthday party.

For the more discerning palate, Umpqua’s Bordeaux Cherry ice cream will set the stage for the perfect after dinner taste treat. Plump and juicy Bing Cherries grown in Oregon blend with a smooth and sweetly rich cherry ice cream for a sumptuous delicacy you’ll want to indulge in again and again. Take note though, Bordeaux Cherry is a seasonal favorite and as such, is only available from July - September, so if you happen to miss out during its prime, you’ll have to wait until the following year to find it. Bordeaux Cherry is June’s flavor of the month, but that won’t help you out much if you can’t find it while it’s in season.

Umpqua Dairy expertly crafts Spokane ice cream like you’ve never tasted before. What makes it different from the rest is Umpqua’s dedication to excellence. Their ice cream is not only ‘Quality Chekd', every batch is also analyzed for perfection. They simply don’t believe their customers should have to settle for a second-rate ice cream. After all- you wouldn’t want your family to settle.

Pick up a tub of Umpqua Dairy’s Spokane ice cream today and enjoy it tonight with your family at the table after dinner or gathered together in the living room talking about the events of your day. Make Umpqua products a part of your everyday life and discover the difference quality ingredients make in the taste of your dairy products. We feel certain you’ll never settle for second best again.

Spokane Ice Cream
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