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Umpqua Ice Cream

If you’re looking for an exceptional ice cream made with quality ingredients, try Umpqua ice cream. For 8 decades, Umpqua has been delivering frozen dairy treats of the highest possible standard. Now, in the midst of all the controversial additives and chemicals being added to your favorite brands of ice cream, you can still rely on Umpqua ice cream to bring your rBST free dairy products, like their premium ice cream.

Umpqua offers an unbeatable selection of Non-fat frozen yogurt, Premium ice cream & Premium lite ice cream, Sherbet, No sugar added ice cream and University-themed ice cream. You’re going to love the selection of fresh fruits, nuts, chocolates, berries and other flavors blended into Umpqua’s rich ice cream- just visit online to see the full line of flavors, including Bordeaux Cherry, Caramel Cone, Chocolate Brownie Thunder, Kona Coffee, Huckleberry Cheesecake, Play Dough, Peppermint Candy, Licorice, and many other favorites.

If your grocer is not already carrying Umpqua ice cream, feel free to request that they keep it in their local freezer. It’s sure to be a new local favorite in your community. Umpqua is headquartered in Roseburg, OR with 7 additional distribution depots in Oregon as well as regional distributors throughout the entire Northwest. Check out some of the reasons why Umpqua ice cream is considered by dairy experts to be the very best product on the shelf today:

- Umpqua Dairy obtains their certified rBST free milk from independent dairy farms in S. Oregon and in the Willamette Valley. Milk received from local dairies is made into Umpqua premium ice cream right in the Roseburg processing plant, separated in the facility and used within 24 hours to manufacture dairy, cultured and ice cream products.

- Umpqua Dairy is locally owned and operated, successfully transferred to 3rd generation farmers who make sure the dairy is running smoothly- in fact, Umpqua Dairy is the largest family-owned dairy in Southern Oregon!

- Umpqua’s Quality Chekd symbol ensures you’re receiving a product that has been put through one of the most stringent quality checks obtainable today. Quality Chekd provides member companies with services that ensure quality and food safety with a focus on providing customers with the very best dairy products in the world.

- Umpqua ice cream contains no rBST or rBGH bovine growth hormones, a synthetic growth hormone that is administered at most of the dairy farms across the US today and serves as an artificial way to improve milk production. Umpqua would never even consider adding this type of ingredient to their ice cream.

- Umpqua ice cream contains no wheat-based ingredients, however they are manufactured in the same facility where wheat, rye, barley, corn and oat additives are added into some of their other products. While this means Umpqua ice cream is not 100% gluten-free, it does not contain gluten products directly.

Try one of Umpqua’s most popular flavors today, including their award-winning Vanilla, French Vanilla, and Vanilla Bean. Umpqua premium ice cream is the richest, creamiest ice cream you’ll ever taste- ask for it by name!

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