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NOTE: You MUST choose an OVERNIGHT shipping method when ordering pie or pie bars,
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Need to reach us?  Please use the form on this page to send us a message AFTER you have checked the FAQ's below for your answer. 

Messages are responded to Monday-Friday, 8:30AM to 4:00PM

If you have a question about an order, please include your order number in the message.

Please keep in mind that we are a very small business with an office staff that you can count on less than one hand with several fingers left over.  We do our best to answer your inquiries in a timely fashion during weekday business hours. Thank you for your patience.  




 Kermit's Pie Bar




1 Kermit's Key Lime Pie - All You Need to Know
1.1 What Makes Kermit's Pies Different?

Kermit's pies are made with Kermit's DOUBLE-STRENGTH key lime juice, resulting in a much richer pie with a very tart (the way it's supposed to be!) flavor.  Our pies are baked and flash-frozen for maximum freshness when they get to your door.  

1.2 How do I store/thaw/serve a Kermit's Pie

Your Kermit's pie will arrive frozen or at least still cold. It can be stored in the freezer for up to 60 days (provided that your freezer maintains a constant temperature and your teenagers don't stand there with the door open for hours on end.)  

Remove your pie from the freezer 30 minutes before serving to thaw.  Thawed pie can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 to 7 days.  

1.3 Why Do Pies Cost Less In the Kermit's Store?

The cost of a pie in the store is simply that, just a pie.  When you place an order to be shipped, your pie must be hand-packed in a custom-molded shipping container, which then is placed in a custom-sized moisture-proof box, packed with gel packs and several lbs of dry ice (which incurs an hazmat fee with the shipping carrier) prior to shipment, all to get your pie to you in perfect condition.  

2 Dietary Considerations
2.1 Do Kermit's Key Lime Pies Contain Nuts?

No, our pies do not contain nuts, however they are produced in a kitchen where products containing nuts (peanuts, pecans) may also be produced. We actively take proper precautions to prevent cross-contamination, however, please be aware that nut-containing products are present in our kitchen environment.  

2.2 Can I get a dairy-free/ egg-free or vegan Kermit's Key Lime Pie?

No.  Kermit's Key Lime Pies are made with egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk. There is not a suitable substitute for either of these items that will produce a key lime pie worthy to be called "Kermit's."  

2.3 Are Kermit's Key Lime Pies Kosher?

Our Kermit's manufacturing kitchen is not certified as a kosher kitchen.  

3 Shipping
3.1 Do You Ship Key Lime Pies?

Of course we do! Pies are shipped everywhere within the Continental US via FedEx Overnight. Pies are only shipped Monday-Thursday, for overnight delivery on Tuesday through Friday. Orders must be placed by 2PM Key West time for same-day shipping. Orders placed after 2PM Key West time will ship on the next available shipping day. 

3.2 When Will I Receive Tracking Information?

Tracking information will not be received until the label for your order is printed. If you ordered pie or pie bars with a future ship date, your label will NOT print until the day that it is scheduled to leave our warehouse. 

3.3 How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Product costs on our website do not include shipping charges.

Shipping is calculated in the checkout screen and is dependent on the weight and size of your order, destination address, and shipping method chosen.  Please note that if you are ordering pie or pie bars, you MUST choose an OVERNIGHT shipping method or your order will be cancelled. 

3.4 Which Shipping Category Should I Choose?

We ship our non-frozen products Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.  Orders placed after 2pm will not leave until the NEXT business day no matter which delivery method you choose.  


FedEx Ground - Most economical method for non-frozen items shipped to a BUSINESS address.

FedEx Home -  Most economical method for non-frozen items shipped to a RESIDENTAL address.

  • Ground shipping time varies - one day to most of Florida, 2-3 days East of the Mississippi, 3-5 days West of the Mississippi


FedEx Standard Overnight - 1 business day delivery by 8PM 

FedEx Priority Overnight - 1 business day delivery by noon (or to rural addresses where standard overnight is not available.) 


3.5 Why does the date look backward on my confirmation screen?

If you have chosen a future ship date for your pie or pie bars, please note that because our software provider is Canadian, it formats the date in the standard Canadian format, with the day appearing BEFORE the month.  If you chose the correct month in the dropdown menu, you are fine, and your order WILL ship on the appropriate day.  

4 Order Issues
4.1 My order has a damaged or missing item, what do I do?

All damages or missing items must be reported to us within 72 hours of receipt in order to receive proper credit. Please respond to the confirmation email that you received when your package was shipped, or drop us a line at [email protected].   

If an item is damaged in shipment, please include photo documentation in your email so that we can file a claim with the carrier.  

If you mistakenly ordered frozen and non-frozen items on the same order, your non-frozen items will be credited back you your card and you will need to re-order. Due to the damaging nature of dry ice on non-frozen packaging, we can NOT ship frozen and non-frozen items in the same order.  Please read pie/pie bar ordering instructions carefully for complete ordering information

5 Gift Cards
5.1 Does Kermit's Offer Gift Cards?

No, we do not.  

6 Weddings & Special Events
6.1 Can you supply Kermit's pies to my Key West destination wedding?

Yes!  If your wedding is occurring in Key West, we can definitely help you out!  Please call our Elizabeth Street location during daytime business hours to make arrangements, or work through your Key West wedding planner who will be in touch with us when the date gets closer. 

Each pie will serve 8-10 guests. Please note that we do NOT offer individual tarts or mini pies.  


6.2 Can I have Kermit's Key Lime Pies shipped for my wedding?

Yes, however, please keep in mind that we can only ship a maximum of 3 pies per carton, and these will ship via FedEx Overnight Express.

Pies are ONLY shipped Monday-Thursday for delivery Tuesday-Friday, so please plan accordingly. We recommend having them shipped in several days before just in case there are delays outside of our control. 

Pies can be frozen until 30 minutes prior to serving.   

7 Questions About Kermit
7.1 Is there REALLY a Kermit?

Yes! Kermit Carpenter, along with his brother-in-law, has owned Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe since its creation in the early 90's! Check out our About Us page to learn more!  And YES, his name really IS Kermit!

7.2 Did Kermit Invent the Key Lime Pie Bar?

Several people seem to have had a good idea all around the same time... we don't pretend that we were the only ones to come up with this idea... we just have had the most success with it, hand-dipping hundreds of thousands of pie bars a year.

8 Wholesale
8.1 Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes. We offer wholesale pricing to high end coastal gift shops, specialty food shops or similar brick-and-mortar businesses upon completion and approval of a wholesale application and submittal of your state's sales tax/resale certificate.  We do not allow authorized resellers to offer our products online. We do not allow authorized resellers to sell our products at pop-up events, flea markets or any other venues that are not a permanent retail location.

While we do not guarantee exclusivity, we make every attempt to limit authorized resellers within a geographic area of the same business type.  

We also wholesale to restaurants who wish to serve our pies or use our products in their recipes. Some of our sauces are available by special order in gallon sizes.  


Please use the contact us feature on this website to request a wholesale application.  

9 Donation Requests
9.1 Can you donate to my charitable cause?

Kermit's is proud to support recognized 501(c)3 organizations in our local communities of Key West and DeLand. 

If you are a Key West organization, please stop into our Elizabeth Street location IN-PERSON during daytime business hours and speak with Kermit directly.  If you are a DeLand area organization, please use the Contact Us form on the home page to email us the details including date, location, beneficiary and specific product request.